Features to Enhance Performance

-High output alternator with Gell Cell battery for better bass transients

-Two 1 Farad Capacitors supply instant power per amplifier's demands

-Center channel speaker mounted centrally in sealed enclosure in-dash for best staging and imaging

-All components mounted in front of car to reduce distance (and cable lengths) between components

-Amplifier box is hinged to allow access to spare tire and other auto equipment

-Filtered vents allow fresh cooling air into amp box

-Smoked plexiglass top on amp box highlights install

-Custom built sealed subwoofer enclosures

-Vehicle's structure received a layer of Dynamat to reduce unwanted resonance

-Additional sound insulation added to floorpan to cut road noise


Features Applied to Installation

-Unique battery mounting in rear fender below stock battery 

-Valet switch allows easy system shutdown

-Audio Control EQQ equalizer is mounted under dash for access and is hidden by a removable panel

-DENON CD changer mounted to ceiling for ease-of -use

-Matching illumination colors of head unit and dash instruments

-Front and rear speakers mounted in factory speaker locations

-Center channel speaker installed in-dash and covered with factory matching grill cloth

-Front Midbass speakers mounted in custom-built kick panel enclosures are hidden and protected by perforated carpet

-Subwoofer enclosures designed to allow seats to recline and retain full legroom

-All interior materials matching with color, contrast & shape to maintain stock looking appearance

-Installation designed for minimum impact on vehicle


I retained ALL my trunk space, passenger compartment space, and

safety equipment located in their original manufacturer's locations.